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Book Sleuth > can't remember title/author, historical romance

I read a historical romance years ago. The storyline is of a young woman who is about 18? She is loud and says what she thinks. She sees (possibly her brother-in-laws brother?) who is about 38 years old. He is very quiet and reserved. and she decides then and there that she is going to marry him. There is a scene were they are in a carriage together and she practically pounces on him to try and kiss him. It is a really well written book with halarious madcap moments were the man is completely confused by her and her plots to win him over (many laugh out loud moments). He ends up falling inlove with her. Unfortunately I cannot remember the authors name or the name of the book, or even the characters names. I think the man has many brothers... I'm hoping someone will know the name of this book as i really would love to read it again!

June 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMina