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Book Sleuth > Looking for a couple of books from early 80's/Late 70's

I'm looking for a novel about a woman that either buys or starts a Saloon in San Francisco called Bon Chance which means Good Luck. It talks about the huge old Redwoods in the area as the preferred source of lumber for the booming town of San Francisco. The first part of the book is about the 1st heroine, who is a stunning and strong-willed blonde that falls in love with a Hispanic man (possibly named Luis or Louis). I think there's a mention of the grandmother being from France (called her Grand-mere) who may have been escaping something in France, possibly the French Revolution or something along those lines. They have a daughter and that the story is the last half of the book. She turns out to be just as strong-willed and feisty as her mother. This is somewhat of a bodice-ripper, where one of the Heroes comes quite close to raping her. There's a great scene with a horse race on the beach, but can't remember if it was the mother or the daughter. Some parts of this may have occurred around the San Francisco Great Fire of 1906.

There's also another book I've been looking for. It's very much the Gothic novel with a castle-like mansion on a cliff that has hidden several passages. The heroine is staying in the cliff castle and there's a man who seems to resent her presence (can't remember why). I think it mentions someone drowning by falling off the cliffs. There's also ahandsome but odd neighbor (with an overbearing mother) that's in love with the heroine. Seems like he or his family had something to do with the drowning/murder that preceded her arrival to the castle. I realize this is similar in some ways to several other books of the the time.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

June 3, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKim Phillips