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Book Sleuth > HR set in Italy? Lord betrothed to lady, falls for poor relation

I read this book sometime between 1997 and 05. It was a tete beche style book, ie flip over back to back book with second book about a heroine studying anatomy ,she is the suspect in ths heros' former mistresses murder. She was teaching mistress to read and thats why she was at scene. H takes her to his palacio to keep an eye on her while they solve murder, sex love marriage etc. The other one had betrothal of lord, heroine was poor relation but H &h fall foreach other, just when it seems like all is lost if tudns out that the girls were switched very young so hero aas really betrothed to the heroine.
Seemed liks it was gonna be a longer series as the two were connected through hero's relationship. More cousins or friends with either the head of family or group in ths background unmet but intriguing.

September 5, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterspolson