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Book Sleuth > Searching for the title of a paranornal romance book with demons and witches

I read this book years ago and can't remember the title or author. I am hoping someone recognizes the plot. It's a paranormal romance novel about a demon who is the new sheriff of a town. Next door neighbor and soon to be girlfriend teaches kindergarten and sees aura's. Girlfriends aunt has a boyfriend that's a dragon shifter. Sheriff has a hellhound for a pet that looks like a poodle and is named mookie or mokie. Sheriff has a son who lives with a family of fox shifters since demons (in this story) can't be around each other physically without getting insanely aggressive and fighting to the death. The story has walking willow trees that are evil, evil imps, and an evil elf who is the girlfriend's aunt's best friend. Murder and mayhem abound. Any help with the title and/or author would be greatly appreciated.

June 11, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterJanet