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The story is a historical romance set in the Midwest (I believe) about a solitary man who owns a ranch on a mountain. The land his ranch sits on also had gold under but he doesn't care about. All he cares about is his ranch and his solitude. He was married but his wife left him to go and work at the local saloon, prostituting herself to other man. Because of that, the hero of the story is grim and untrusting. During the dead of winter, when the ground is frozen and the pass into town is blocked with snow, he finds a covered wagon on his mountain. Inside the wagon is a pregnant woman and her dead husband. The two were on their way west. Our hero takes the woman back to his home and keeps her warm and safe. He finds a bag of gold in the couple's wagon, but the woman says she knows nothing about the gold and can not believe that her husband stole it from the bank where he used to work. Our heroine is young and beautiful and though she was married and is pregnant, she knows very little about passion. She loved the man who was her husband more as a friend instead of a lover. During the months that the hero (Nathaniel-I think is his name) and the woman he saved is holed up together, he delivers her baby (a little girl she names Emma) and takes care of the two of them. He also falls in love with her. The thorn in their rose garden is his ex-wife. She returns to town and wants the gold under his ranch. The ex-wife thinks that our hero has been mining the gold and hoarding it. She talks this gambler (gunman) into taking a job at the ranch so that he can find the gold stash which doesn't exist. The gambler falls for our heroine and tries to kidnap her. The rancher kills the gambler but he wrongfully thinks that his love whom he married went off willingly with the gambler and banishes her off of his ranch until he starts to remember things from the night he caught up with them and he realizes that the gambler kidnapped his wife and abused her trying to rape her. Through all of this, the rancher's ex-wife is still trying to get her hands on the gold. She kidnaps Emma, the heroine's baby daughter, and demands gold for the baby's safe return. The heroine does not take this lying down. She tortures the ex-wife by putting one bullet after another into the woman until she reveals where she hid the baby.

I would love to read this book again. If anyone knows the title, please let me know what it is.

Thank You

August 3, 2014 | Registered CommenterMary Johnson