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  • A Shocking Delight
    A Shocking Delight
    by Jo Beverley
  • Divergent
    by Veronica Roth

Hero of the Week


Our heros of the week come from all time periods and all walks of life. Do you have a hunk to nominate? (please no husbands or boyfriends ;-)) Eligible hunks to nominate are 1) models 2) actors 3) heros in books. If you nominate a hero in a book, please include a description of the hero and select a photo that potrays the hero. Email to



How do you picture your hero? How about this one?


Ryan Gosling

Let's face it, Ryan Gosling is hot. What book do you imagine him "starring" in?

Of course he starred in "The Notebook" already.

Have you read it?

"Somewhere," muses Noah Calhoun, while sitting on his porch in the moonight, "there were people making love." The Notebook, a Southern-fried story of love-lost-and-found-again, revolves around a single time-honored romantic dilemma: will beautiful Allison Nelson stay with Mr. Respectability (to whom she happens to be engaged), or will she choose Noah, the romantic rascal she left so many years ago?

  This picture is from CRAZY STUPID LOVE, another romantic comedy.

He was also a front runner for Fifty Shades of Grey.


Magic Mike

<gulp> Come on, ladies! Magic Mike is coming to threatres this week. Of course our Hero of the Week is Magic Mike ..and his charming friend.  




Spartacus played by Andy Whitfield


MEET OUR HERO: Cole Craig from ONLY YOU 

ONLY YOU by Deborah Grace Staley
Contemporary romance

ISBN: 978-0-9821756-3-7
Pub date: May 15, 2009
Bell Bridge Books

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 A sweet and charming romance about the lives and loves of people in a small Tennessee town. In the tradition of Debbie Macomber.

ONLY YOU is a story about coming home. It’s also a story about acceptin’ folks for who they are. You could say it’s a story about Josie Allen, a librarian, and Cole Craig, a handyman, but what you’ll find is that it’s a story about finding love where you’d least expect to.

“a true storyteller’s voice” JoAnn Ross, NY Times Bestselling Author

“This first installment in the Angel Ridge Series is a sweet, old-fashioned romance.” The Best Reviews

Deborah Grace Staley is a multi-published, award winning author of romance novels. She and her family live in an historic farmhouse in East Tennessee.

Visit her at



Josie hadn't been back in Angel Ridge long, but she remembered Cole Craig as a man in demand. Anyone in town who had something that needed fixing called Cole. She smiled. Her memories of him were of a big, beefy boy who'd always been kind to her despite the teasing she'd received in school for her bookwormish ways.

Read a short excerpt!

"Afternoon, Josie Lee."

Boy, that brought back memories. No one had called her that since...Josie turned the corner at the back of her house, and there he stood. Cole Craig.

"I'm sorry. It's Dr. Allen now, right?"

Gone was the beefy teenager Josie Allen remembered from middle school. In his place stood a tall, muscular man with blond hair that grew past his shoulders, chiseled features, and eyes that rivaled the blue of the sky. The mud splattered on his faded jeans and tan T-shirt complimented his rugged good looks.

The man was strikingly beautiful. For a moment, Josie forgot to breathe. There was something very intimate about seeing a gorgeous man in well-worn, threadbare jeans and a form fitting T-shirt standing in the middle of her kitchen barefoot.

He laid a finger against her lips. She blinked, startled by such intimacy, yet intrigued at such openness. He slowly trailed the tip of his finger along the curve of her lip before easing his hands into his pockets. She pressed a hand to her chest, more to make sure her heart didn't race right out of it than anything else.

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