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Historical Romance Discussion > Need Help FInding Scottish Historical Romance Novel!

Hi guys!

So I know that there are three sisters and the oldest is a little bookish. The hero was on a ship with their father who died on that ship. The father's dying wish was that the hero marry one of his daughters. The king also enforces the father's last wish. The hero ends up marrying the oldest daughter but there is a vengeful suitor who tries to kill the heroine since he cannot have her. He traps her in her old house when she was looking for a tapestry and burns it down. However, she hides in a compartment and survives the fire. The hero first thinks she's dead and exacts revenge but then later finds her. They both travel to see the king so that the hero doesn't get in trouble for attacking the villain. The heroine disguises as the queen's handmaiden or something and it turns out the hero had previously saved the king when they were children and that is why his face is scarred. I would appreciate any help! Thank you for reading!!!

July 23, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKaren