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Notable & Fun Romance Novel Quotes: A Challenge to Readers

Have you read a book that has a line in it that you enjoyed? Did it make your heart beat faster, make you laugh out loud, make you smile or frown, or make your eyes fill with tears? Well, we want to hear it!

Post a notable quote here. Be sure to include the book title and author name. Then, let us know why you liked it!

Here's one I liked.

THE LEOPARD PRINCE by Elizabeth Hoyt

Harry swallowed a sigh. “Can you walk, my lady?”

Lady Georgina widened eyes as blue as a thrush’s egg. “Oh yes. I’ve been doing it since I was eleven months old.”


Lady Georgina is a funny and fresh heroine in Elizabeth Hoyt's novel.  I enjoyed Lady Georgina's saracastic sense of humor. This book is full of wonderful little quotes that made me smile.'s your turn!

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Reader Comments (3)

My favorite set of lines is from Sherrilyn Kenyon, the book, Unleash the night. I've found people don't understand unless I give the setup:

Hero is a shapeshifter - a Cat. Chocolate kills cats. The heroine has no idea at this point.

He's trying to explain why he can't be with her, well, without saying why he can't be with her.

Hero: "Have you ever wanted that you knew was bad for you? Something that you ached for so much that you could think of nothing else?"

Heroine: "Yes, which is why I always end up eating the whole chocolate bar anyway."

Hero: "Yes, Kitten, and I want to inhale my chocolate. Even if it kills me."

LOVE this! (I left out the paragraph of description).
February 16, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterTeresa D'Amario
The funniest lines I have read in a while are out of the book I am currently reading, A Whisper of Roses by Teresa Medeiros.

"Dougal Cameron, ye worthless son of a whore!"

followed up with,

"Angus MacDonnell, you foolish goat-spawned bastard!"

The best part about these lines is that the two men are supposed to enemies and end up embracing each other, to the shock of onlookers.
February 18, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterKari
I love all of those quotes! I'd love to read more. Sometimes I want to write them down, they are so good.

Let's keep posting any we find that we want to share. This blog entry will stay open...

February 18, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterTara Green

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