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Reader Top Romance Novel List of the Week:

I love finding a reader's Top romance novel list. Though I don't always agree, I can sometimes find a new book to read or something in common with another reader that sparks my interest for the genre again.

Here is this week's Reader List of the Week - found purely by web searching. I don't know this reader, but I enjoyed their list - maybe you will too!


Her top book is:

1. Kathleen Givens, Kilgannon/Wild Rose of Kilgannony

Sadly, Kathleen Givens passed away a few years ago. Kathleen was a client of mine (and her website is still managed by my company). I do not often see her series on a Top 10 list, but it is an amazing historical romance novel series - one of my favorites.

I invite you to check out this reader's Top 10 list. Maybe you will find something new, or find it as interesting as I did.



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Reader Comments (1)

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