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Read Chapter 1: BLADE OF MOONLIGHT by Kimberly Dean

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Samhain Publishing ISBN -- 9781609289287

It’s a dark and stormy night, and Luna Masters is in trouble. Buttoned-up court reporter by day, by night she fights crime as Luminescence, drawing power from the moon. No moon, no power…and she’s about to pay with her life.

As her consciousness dims, a man steps from the shadows. But he’s no savior. It’s Scythe, a villain whose reputation for evil is legend. When she awakens, at first she’s surprised to be alive. Then enraged to find herself tied to his bed. Naked.

Scythe is livid. A minor superhero like Luna has no business on his turf, and he plans to enjoy administering punishment, Yet somewhere in the night, pain turns into pleasure…then into something wicked and sexy that shakes them both to the core. 

Though Scythe warns her away, Luna’s passion for justice draws her back into the dark, to her masked lover’s side. For good, or evil? Only the dawn will tell…

Read Chapter 1:

The warm summer night weighed on Luna as she tread quietly through the back alleys of Newcropolis. The humidity in the air made it hard to breathe, and her clothes clung to her skin. Smells from dumpsters clashed with the reek of alcohol and urine, but the stench stayed trapped close to the ground, unable to rise and disperse. Breathing through her mouth, she edged along the brick buildings towards her destination. The darkness of the night emphasized the closed-in feeling, and she glanced anxiously at the sky. The thin wedge visible between the tall downtown buildings was black as coal. Only a few stars peeked through, and definitely not the moon. It was at low crescent tonight and not yet high enough on the horizon.

Heat lightning suddenly crackled. The streaks spread out like an electrified spider web, highlighting the underside of the fat, low-hanging clouds.

It was those clouds that put a shiver down her spine. A few she could handle. Total overcast would blot out her powers, meager as they were tonight.

She checked her palm unit. Sneaky Nick was still at the Crying Foul. He’d have to leave there soon if her intel was correct, but would it be before the sky was totally socked in? She judged the clouds again. Nick was true to his name; he was one sneaky son of a bitch. This might be the only opportunity she had to bring him in.

Putting her chin down, she pressed onward. She was pushing it, she knew, but she just couldn’t give up when she was this close. She’d been tracking him for weeks, but every time she’d thought he was in her grasp, he’d somehow managed to evade her.

The risk was worth it.

She concentrated on her task. She didn’t need that much time. All she had to do was shine the light on him and notify others of his location. Ideally, if he moved on the schedule her source had indicated, she could shine that light while he was in the act of robbing Bell King Jewelers.

Nearing the back of the shop, she evaluated her options. Smelly as it was, the shadow beside the dumpster behind the Chinese restaurant next door would provide the best cover. Swinging her dark cape around herself, she crouched and hid.

Time seemed to split as she waited. On the ground, it slowed to a halt. No breezes flowed. The club down the alley pumped out the same music over and over again. Even the rats scurrying for food were sleepy and slow. Nick was taking his time.

The storm wasn’t. The clouds barreled in, thickening above her. They crowded together as the rumble of thunder came closer and closer.

Luna kept her gaze plastered on the one remaining star she could spot. A star meant there were still holes in the cloud cover and the power of the moon could find its way to her.

The star blinked out…then came back… It had just gone out again when a rat in the middle of the alley jerked its head. Detecting something, it scurried under the dumpster next to her, and her senses went on high alert. She peered into the darkness, searching for movement, while her ears hunted for the slightest sound. It wasn’t long before she heard footsteps. As quiet as the unseen visitor was trying to be, his approach echoed off the bricks behind her.

She waited until she heard the scratch of metal against metal. A lock was being picked. Adrenaline pulsing, she looked to the sky. One star… She just needed one…


Spreading her cape wide, she stepped out of her hiding place. Reaching deep inside, she sought her power. She was used to it waxing and waning. Tied to the moon, it was ever in flux. She’d learned how to adjust and use what she had.

Tonight was no different.

Flipping back the hood of her cape, she let her white-blonde hair show and lifted her face. The power was dim, barely a spark, but it was there. A beam of bluish light emanated from her and radiated towards the man trying to break in to the jewelry store.

Flinching at the glow, Sneaky Nick turned towards her. Fear made his eyes bug as he stared, but his brow furrowed and those beady eyes narrowed as his expression changed to anger.

“On low beams tonight, Luminescence?”

Fingers of warning trailed down the back of Luna’s neck, but she couldn’t show weakness. “I save the high beams for the big fish, Nicky.”

Her light wasn’t her only power. Like the moon’s gravity controlled the tides of oceans around the world, she held the power of attraction. Only she didn’t pull water, she pulled people. She just needed to focus on him until the authorities or one of her cohorts closed in on the scene.

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