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Read Chapter 1: Bringing Down Sam by Leslie Kelly

Order now on Amazon!Read Chapter 1 - an approximately 850 word start to Chapter 1 of some of your favorite authors' new releases. Enjoy!


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FIRST TIME IN PRINT--A Super-Sexy, Funny Romance from Bestselling Author Leslie Kelly!

High school teacher Eve Barret has a secret--she was once a child modelingsuperstar. She's left that life far behind, and has no intention of returning to it. At least not until her best friends talk her into a crazyscheme to "bring down" Public Enemy Number 1: Sam Kenneman.

Sam Kenneman has every woman in the country up in arms about his new bestseller, 101 Ways To Avoid Commitment. The book's supposed to be a joke--but women aren't getting it. Now he just wants the frenzy to die down so life can go back to normal.

Her goal? Teach him a lesson.

His goal? Don't fall for the sexy blonde.

The problem? They can't resist each other!

Read Chapter 1:

"Never date women who are too smart. It’s too easy for them to figure out you’re lying when you say you have to go on a secret mission overseas and won’t be calling for a while." -- from 101 Ways To Avoid Commitment

Eve Barret groaned as she finished reading more of Sam Kenneman's book. Pitching the thing across the dressing room, she nodded with satisfaction as it careened off the edge of a makeup tray and hit the floor. "I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

The stylist spraying a ton of hairspray on her long curls shook her head. "Oh, no, honey, you're going to be fabulous."

The woman smiled, obviously thinking Eve was nervous about the impending photo shoot. Eve wished the bouncing in her stomach was merely a case of butterflies at the thought of being in front of a camera again. But it wasn't the photo shoot making her nervous. It was the live audience.

"I can't believe you've never done any modeling before," the stylist said.

Eve nearly laughed. Not done any modeling? Good grief, she'd been stuck in front of a camera when she was a year old! She'd done ads for baby food, diapers, dolls, clothes, anything a pretty child could be forced to pitch.

She'd never expected to model again. Not because she hadn't liked it, though. She'd found in the years since she'd walked away from her career that she missed the excitement and the fun of pretending to be someone else. But the bitter feelings of being used had tainted the memories.

The stylist finished and left the room, leaving Eve alone. She sat in a tall chair, before a mirror-covered wall. Eve had an uncomfortable feeling of déjà vu, remembering the days of makeup and hairstyling, of photo shoots and filming. All the nights of crying, wondering why her father couldn't just let her play with other kids for a change.

How funny that her three dearest friends, who'd given her the strength to walk away from that life at eighteen, were the ones who'd managed to cajole her back into it.

"It's crazy," she whispered. But she'd promised. And Eve Barret never went back on her word. So she'd try to do the impossible— bring down Sam Kenneman.

A soft knock sounded on the door. Diana entered, biting the corner of her lip, an unfamiliar sheepish look on her face.

"It's all right." Eve sighed. "I'm not backing out."

"You can if you want to. I mean, it sounded fine last Tuesday after a few drinks, but now, well, I will understand if you don't want to do this."

"I don't want to do this."

Diana looked disappointed. "Okay."

She let Diana sweat before continuing, "But I'll do it, anyway. I read a bit of his book. And I have some firsthand knowledge of how it's affecting some women's lives. Sounds like someone needs to teach the jerk a lesson. I just wish he liked brassy brunettes like you, or elegant angels like Leanne."

"But he doesn't. He likes drop-dead gorgeous, big-boobed bimbos."

Eve groaned. "That's what bugs me. I don't know about this whole bimbo angle."

"We told you. Over and over in the book he talks about never getting involved with brainy women. He won't go for someone who has anything between her ears, especially not an English teacher from tiny-town Pennsylvania, no matter how gorgeous she is!"

Diana was right. Eve was not a bit ashamed of who she was, or what she did. She loved teaching and was proud that her students seemed to flourish in her classes. But a man like Sam Kenneman obviously went for flash and style, not depth and substance.

The realization was another nail in the man's coffin.

"It's stupid, it's immature, it's juvenile, but I promised you I'd give it a shot, and I will."

Sam was running late. He swung his car into a parking garage across from the magazine's downtown office building and yanked a ticket out of the machine. Of course, there was not one vacant spot on any of the first four levels. Typical.

Reaching into his briefcase, he grabbed his miniature tape recorder and brought it to his mouth. "Chapter eight, keeping the sparkle in her eyes and the spark in your relationship. Pull out the His World article from June '04 for the survey on what women really want in the bedroom."

Clicking the recorder off, he slid it into the pocket of his tailored suit. He always carried the thing with him because when hit with an idea or question about his writing he had to catch it right away. If he didn't, often the exact wording was lost when he tried to think back on it. His new book, which he tentatively called Keeping Her Satisfied, was rolling right along, but he still needed to keep track of his thoughts.

He wondered what the public would think of it. Most of his readers expected a follow-up to his commitment book. Not many of them knew he'd written two other humorous books on relationships prior to that one. They hadn't sold well, but he'd sure as hell liked them better than his last one, which seemed to have sparked a controversy no one, himself included, had ever anticipated.


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Reader Comments (1)

I'm not sure if I should laugh or scoff. I know PLENTY of women who would scoff - then try to gouge his eyes out with a spoon, no matter how good looking he is!

Love the first chapter :) Now I'm gonna have to buy it so I find out what happens!

May 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMirriam Smyth

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