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Outlaw’s Lady by Bobbi Smith

About the book:

When Pinkerton detective Slade Braxton went undercover to infiltrate the notorious Dakota Kid’s gang, he became one of the most wanted outlaws in the West. Now set to stand trial for murder and robbery, he realized his ruse had been all too convincing—especially when the judge at the hearing turned out to be the woman of his dreams, the lovely lady with whom he’d shared a kiss before sinking back into the shadows.

Alyssa Mason was shocked when the mystery man who’d swept her off her feet at the town dance strode into her courtroom accused of killing her father. Something about the handsome, arrogant Braxton disturbed her usually calm resolve. Though not easily distracted from her moral duties, Alyssa soon found herself fighting a forbidden attraction—and wondering if she’d have no choice but to abandon the law and become the outlaw’s lady….

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read an excerpt:

Slade had been standing in the shadows just beyond the ring of torches that provided the light for the evening’s festivities, feeling like the outsider he was. He’d been looking over the crowd, trying to catch sight of the sheriff, when he saw the woman for the first time, and once he’d seen her, he hadn’t been able to look away.

She was a timeless beauty. Her hair was blond and styled up away from her face, tumbling over her shoulders in a cascade of curls. The gown she wore was dark green and emphasized her slender figure.  

As Slade looked on, another man took her out onto the dance floor. When they turned his way while they were dancing, he saw the badge on the man’s chest and knew he’d found the lawman he’d been seeking.

Slade stepped even farther back into the shadows. He found himself wishing that he was the one holding her in his arms. His frustration over his situation grew even more, and he knew a driving need to be someone other than Slade Braxton, the outlaw and fast gun, for one just brief moment that night

Slade kept careful watch around him. He had to constantly be on guard and aware of his surroundings. When a man had a bounty on his head, there was no telling who might be able to identify him from his wanted poster and think they could face him down and bring him in.

When the music stopped, he saw the sheriff walking away and the woman standing alone on the dance floor. Common sense told him to trail the lawman. Logic told him he had to meet the Kid in less than an hour, but somehow, none of that mattered right then. He was going to dance with her one time before he had to leave.

“Miss?” Slade said as he reached her side.

Alyssa looked up startled. She hadn’t noticed the stranger’s approach, though how she’d missed him, she had no idea. He was the best-looking man she’d ever seen—tall, dark and somehow dangerous.



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