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  • A Shocking Delight
    A Shocking Delight
    by Jo Beverley
  • One Perfect Night (Contemporary Romance)
    One Perfect Night (Contemporary Romance)
    by Bella Andre

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Tara's Free Kindle Finds: Little Miss Independent by Julia Templeton 

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Adelaide Bruce was just a girl in braids when her brother's best friend, Naval Captain Lord Drayton, left for war. Now, five years later, Lord Drayton has returned to London with hideous battle scars that have made him a social pariah. Adelaide doesn't see Roan's wounds, but rather the man she has always secretly loved. Although she has been courted by a handsome lord with marriage on his mind, it is Roan she secretly desires.

Roan is stunned when he is reacquainted with Addy Bruce. In the years that have passed, Addy has grown into a true beauty and the toast of the ton. He is not sure which surprises him more—her transformation, or the fact she is the only woman who treats him as though his scars do not exist. When Roan learns of Addy’s engagement to a rival, he must move fast…or lose her forever.

Please note: LITTLE MISS INDEPENDENT is a short novella (9,700 words) that was originally published in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF REGENCY ROMANCE. The story is a sweet romance (no sex).


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The Bachelor and the winning Harlequin Cover!

Did you watch The Bachelor last night? What did you think of their Harlequin cover competition? Here is an article about the winners!

Apparently the "Seduced" book cover isn't a real book, so you won't be able to find this cover any time soon. There will be 3 covers with the winner, and I don't think Sean will be on there, only the woman who one. It is a pretty good cover I think. What are your thoughts?


Are you a Bachelor TV fan? Harlequin has big news for you!


LOS ANGELES, TORONTO, January 8, 2013 – Harlequin, one of the world’s leading publishers of books for women, will play a central role in an upcoming episode of The Bachelor, ABC’s tremendously popular romance reality series. The episode will feature a special “group date” where the women pose for a Harlequin cover with the newest Bachelor, Sean Lowe. The contestant who shows the most spontaneity, flair and chemistry with Sean will be awarded a three-book cover-model opportunity with Harlequin. The episode is scheduled to air Monday, January 14, 2013, on ABC.

Sean and the competitors will experience what is required to be a successful Harlequin cover model. Harlequin Creative Director Margie Miller will shepherd the group through hair, makeup and wardrobe stages and then have them pose for multiple cover scenarios in a Los Angeles mansion. Each contestant will have an opportunity to impress Ms. Miller and Harlequin Brand Representative, Michelle Renaud, with their ability to pose in a polished and unaffected manner and convey a genuine connection with Sean.

This season on The Bachelor, Sean, 29, the successful Dallas businessman and entrepreneur who charmed fans while wooing Bachelorette Emily Maynard, meets 26 potential soul mates and gets another shot at love as the Bachelor. Sean was blindsided in the Caribbean island of Curaçao when Emily rejected him, and viewers saw the devastated Sean wrestling to make sense of her decision. Thankfully, Sean did not give up on his dream of love and he now knows with certainty that the time is right for him to risk it all again to try to find the right woman.

“What makes The Bachelor so compelling—searching for true love and ending up with your soul mate—is what our novels are all about. This is a real Harlequin story come to life,” said Ms. Renaud. “And The Bachelor and Harlequin are a great fit, because people know both always have a happy ending.”

The 17th season of The Bachelor, from Warner Horizon Television, airs Mondays 8:00 p.m./7:00 p.m. central on ABC. For more information on The Bachelor, visit

About Harlequin Harlequin ( is one of the world’s leading publishers of books for women, with titles issued worldwide in 34 languages and sold in 114 international markets. The company publishes more than 110 titles monthly and more than 1,200 authors from around the world. Harlequin is a wholly owned subsidiary of Torstar Corporation (, a broadly based media company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TS.B). Harlequin’s website is located at Harlequin has offices in 19 countries, including offices in Toronto, New York and London. For more information, please visit and Follow Harlequin on Twitter @HarlequinBooks.

About The Bachelor On ABC’s hit primetime reality series The Bachelor, one lucky man is offered the chance to find true love. A single and eligible bachelor embarks on a romantic journey, getting to know a bevy of beautiful bachelorettes, gradually narrowing the field to the one woman to whom he may propose marriage in the dramatic season finale. Hosted by Chris Harrison, The Bachelor is produced by Next Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Television.

Media Contacts: Lisa Wray Harlequin, Public Relations (416) 445-5350


Read Chapter 1: The Tutor's Daughter by Julie Klassen the beginning of Chapter 1 of...

The Tutor's Daughter by: Julie Klassen

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Emma Smallwood, determined to help her widowed father when his boarding school fails, accompanies him to the cliff-top manor of a baronet and his four sons. But soon after they arrive and begin teaching the two younger boys, mysterious things begin to happen. Who does Emma hear playing the pianoforte at night, only to find the music room empty? And who begins sneaking into her bedchamber, leaving behind strange mementoes?

The baronet's older sons, Phillip and Henry Weston, wrestle with problems--and secrets--of their own. They both remember the studious Miss Smallwood from their days at her father's academy. But now one of them finds himself unexpectedly drawn to her...

When suspicious acts escalate, can Emma figure out which brother to blame and which to trust with her heart?

Filled with page-turning suspense, The Tutor's Daughter takes readers to the windswept Cornwall coast--a place infamous for shipwrecks and superstitions--where danger lurks, faith is tested, and romance awaits.

Read Chapter 1 now!

Chapter 1
April 1817

Twenty-one-year-old Emma Smallwood carefully dusted the collection of favorite books atop her dressing chest. It was the one bit of housekeeping she insisted on doing herself, despite Mrs. Malloy’s protestations. She then carefully wiped her cherished teacup against any dust particle daring to lodge there. The cup and saucer were a gift from her mother—fine porcelain rimmed with real gold.

Emma set the cup and saucer back atop the leather-bound volume of Sterne’s A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy. She angled the cup to best display the image on its side—a lovely painting of a graceful gondola in Venice.

Emma had never sipped from the gold-rimmed cup. But she did like to look at it. To remember her mother, gone these two years. To remember a young man who had once left roses inside it. And to imagine visiting Italy someday herself.

Morning ritual finished, Emma stowed her cleaning supplies and checked the chatelaine watch hooked to her bodice. She closed the cover with a satisfying snap. Precisely as she’d thought. Time to go down and send off their last remaining pupil.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, she saw Edward Sims standing in the hall, fidgeting with his valise. He wore a smart frock coat and top hat, and looked the picture of a young man ready to take on the world.

“All set, Mr. Sims?”

He turned. “Yes, Miss Smallwood.”

Though she was only four years his senior, Emma felt a fondness bordering on the maternal when she looked at the young man who had lived with them for most of the last three years. She glanced around the empty hall. “Has my father bid you farewell?”

Mr. Sims shifted and shook his head. “I have not seen him this morning.”

Emma forced a smile. “What a pity. He shall be so sorry to have missed you. I know he wanted to be here to see you off.”

Her father ought to have been there. But no doubt he had gone to the churchyard to visit her grave. Again.

Mr. Sims gave an awkward smile. “Tell him good-bye for me, and thank him for everything.”

“I shall.”

“And I thank you especially, Miss Smallwood. I learned a great deal from you.”

“You are very welcome, Mr. Sims. I wish you every success at university.”

From the front window, she watched the young man walk past the Smallwood Academy sign, and down the cobbled lane, feeling the wistful letdown she often felt when a pupil left them. This time all the more, since there were no new students to replace him.

The house seemed suddenly quiet and empty. She wished Mr. Sims had a younger brother. Six younger brothers. She sighed. Perhaps even amiable Mr. Sims would hesitate to recommend Mr. Smallwood as tutor, considering how little her father had actually been involved in his education. But how would they pay their cook-housekeeper and maid, not to mention the languishing pile of bills, without more pupils?

Emma walked to the desk in the family sitting room, pulled out the bound notebook she kept there, and flipped past previous lists:

Books read this year.

Books to read next.

Improvements needed to boys’ chambers.

Economizing measures.

Places to visit someday.

New texts and primers to order for next term: None.

Diversions to improve Papa’s moods/Improvement noted: None.

Pupils by year.

Her pupil lists, which had grown shorter with each passing year, included notes on each young man’s character and his plans for the future.

She turned to the list from three years before, running her finger over the few names, lingering on one in particular.

Phillip Weston. Kind and amiable. Second son. Plans to follow his brother to Oxford and read the law.

The brief note hardly did him justice. Phillip Weston had been her only true friend among her father’s pupils over the years.

Seeing his name caused her to turn to another page. Another list.

Prospective pupils for the future: Rowan and Julian Weston?

Emma thought again of the letter she had sent a fortnight before. She knew perfectly well Henry and Phillip Weston had two younger half brothers. Phillip had mentioned them often enough. Julian and Rowan were at least fifteen by now—older than Phillip when he’d been sent to the academy.

But they had not come.

She had broached the subject with her father several times in the past, suggesting he write to the boys’ father. But he had hemmed, hawed, and sighed, saying he was sure, if Sir Giles meant to send his younger sons to them, he would have done so already. No, more likely, Sir Giles and his second wife had eschewed their humble establishment in favor of prestigious Winchester, Harrow, or Eton.

“Well, it would not hurt to ask,” Emma had urged.

But her father had grimaced and said maybe another day.