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Welcome to The Romance Book Club!


Chat Event tomorrow! - be there or be square

Tomorrow  we will have a chat event in our chat room found here:


The Romance Book Club

Afternoon Chat Event

Moderated by: Heather K

2pm  EST (check your clock - this is Eastern Standard Time!)


We will be discussing this month's features, ideas for June, what our features will be, and how we can improve the website. I look forward to seeing you there.





We have a Facebook page!

To help all of us stay in touch, I've created a Facebook Group page for us. Be sure to join it here:


Also, I'd love to see what you all think of this month's features. Post a reply here (or anywhere) and let us know how your reading is going.

Please also submit any ideas for improvements to the website and how we are running things. I'd like to see more discussion!!



Learn more about...DARK OBSESSION by Allison Chase


The debut that will be a new obsession for fans of paranormal romance...

They wed in haste - Nora Thorngoode, to save her ruined reputation, and Grayson Lowell, to rescue his estate from foreclosure for unpaid debts. Yet passionate flames soon arise between them- and they are quickly engulfed in a sensual obsession. But soon the lover that Nora married becomes a dark stranger to her, a man torn apart by guilt over his brother's recent, mysterious death and driven half-mad by ghostly specters who demand that Grayson expose the truth. Can Grayson and Nora discover what really happened that terrible night - and in setting free the troubled ghosts, free themselves as well? - Allison Chase's website - Allison Chase's blog


Book & Cat Lovers: Please help support my cause

Hi everyone,

For those of you who are book & cat lovers - I ask you to please donate to my cause. My cat, LuLu, died this week at the age of 13. It is with the deepest sadness that I think of him. In order to feel as if I am doing something useful to the cats in shelters who need are support and love, I am asking you to donate in the memory of my beloved cat Lewis. I ask only for whatever donation you can give, but it would help me to overcome my extreme sadness and loss to feel as if I am using my connections to help support the animals who need us. Animals gives us so much and as book lovers, I know many of you also love cats, reading with your cats (or dogs), and that you understand this unique bond that develops.

To donate, please click here:


Meet Our Featured Authors For May!

Hi Everyone,

Please visit our Meet The Authors Section here:

You will find a bio and a letter to readers written just for our book club members! I hope you enjoy. Feel free to leave comments.

Has everyone obtained their featured books?

I hope we can have a chat event this month. Who would like to suggest date and times?

Have a great week!

Tara :-)