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Welcome to The Romance Book Club!


Useability issues on the website

Good morning everyone! A book club member emailed me, and let me know the text on the website was too light for them to read.

I've darkened up the body text and also changed the color of the navigation. If you see other usability issues, that makes your experience at The Romance Book Club frustrating or annoying PLEASE email me at We can fix it. :-)

See you all at the chat later today!



Joining in..

Hi all

Just to let you know that I, Heather, will be doing some moderation with one or more of the books. Tara will be putting up my photo (I hope she uses the best one!) and a short bio so you can learn a little about me. I will also be doing some blogs and hopefully I can ask the burning questions! I have done my first one in the guest blog. I would love to hear your comments.



Fiction Previews

Fiction Previews - new 5-day newsletter series
Hi Everyone!

If you love previews of upcoming and recently released books, check out - Fiction Previews! Each day you'll receive a preview of a book, each day (5 days total!) will be a new excerpt. This is a great way to sample a book and see if you want to purchase it. I hope you will subscribe as we have some great fiction books that are going to be featured, and there will be a dedicated Romance Preview as well.




Chime In! ONLINE CHAT EVENTS - Questions to readers

I hope everyone has had a great Thursday. It's great to see all the message board posts. I've been thinking we should have at least a once a month online chat. I'd like to hear from people what days and times might work. We could do two, one during the day and one in the evening for people with day jobs.

Please let me know your preference:

Day time: Mid-day (good for moms with little or big ones at school)

Work Week: Evening (good for people with day jobs)

Weekend: Evening (good for potentially everyone)


Let me know! I would like to do a general meet & greet chat, then we can plan on chat events with authors!



THE DEAD ROOM has finally arrived here!

My copy of THE DEAD ROOM by Heather Graham has finally arrived! I am excited to finally start it. I've been hearing a lot about the "surprise ending" so I'm hoping to dig into it tonight.

I hope everyone has had a good start to their week. I'm in Colorado and we've had snow, then spring weather, then wind. I'm ready for Summer! How about you?

I would love to see even MORE comments and posts from our thousands of readers who visit here each day. As promised, new features will be added to the website tomorrow including finnally an introduction of our two moderators! I am so thankful to have Janon and Heather as part of my moderator team. They are FANTASTIC!