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Welcome to The Romance Book Club!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is Valentine's Day. Here in Colorado we went from 60 degree weather (yesterday) to 6-8 inches of snow! My husband gave me a card and a stuffed bear. (I'm not a big fan of flowers). We will celebrate quietly. What are you doing with your sweetheart today? Share your plans!

I've successfully secured our two featured authors for this month! They are Elizabeth Boyles ( and Sara Reinke ( I'm so excited to kick The Romance Book Club off with a bang!

I've also decided to NOT use the email loops. We have no need to use them. If you subscribe as a member you will get email notifications whenever there is a new post on the board or your comments are replied to! I think this works better for everyone.

Remember, it is VITAL that you post comments and posts to the message boards. I'll be sponsoring a HUGE book contest each month on the website. I have books coming out of my ears and I want to share them with you. have to be a registered member to be eligible so be sure to do that!

Happy Valentine's Day!



Relaunch of The Romance Book Club!

Hi Everyone!

I'm delighted to say that I have taken over The Romance Book Club under my private marketing company. I wanted to do this so I could concentrate a lot of my time on the book clubs which I love. I can't wait to select our February features and to interact with all of you.

So...welcome again and be sure to check the website often.


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