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Borders Perks: Time is almost up!

According to MSNBC:

there will be no more gift cards sold and reward cards and other perks will be worthless soon.

It is common during a liquidation process for there to be little information on what is happening to these type of perks.

Many of our readers are still asking about what will happen to As of today, I can find no definitive answer on that. It is likely it might be acquired by a competitor, but right now the website is operational. We'll be keeping our "Eye" on it.

It looks like if you are looking for some great book deals, look up your local Borders store and head on down there. Often times sales are the greatest as they try to clear their inventory.

If you have a local Borders, report back to us and let us know what is going on in there. Ask a store employee! (though it is unlikely they know much besides the fact they are losing their job...)

Tara, Eye On Romance (information on this topic? Email me!!)


Borders is closing their doors

Borders Group Inc, the second-largest U.S. bookstore chain, said it has canceled an upcoming bankruptcy auction and will be closing their doors permanently.

They have 400 stores remaining and those will be closed.

Do you have a local Borders that will be closing? How do you feel about this development?

It is said that Borders could not compete with the Amazon (and the Kindle) or Barnes and Noble (and the Nook). The shift to electronic reading has rocked the industry.

I wonder what other developments will unfold as time passes. It is amazing what technology has done to our reading habits.

Goodbye Borders. I will miss you!