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February 2012 Book Club: NEVER SURRENDER by Deanna Jewel

Yes! The romance book club is back and we are featuring NEVER SURRENDER by Deanna Jewel. This book is only $2.99 on the Kindle so join us for this great month of reading!

Kate is haunted by a recurring dream of mountains and a warrior on horseback who beckons to her but never gets close before she wakes up. He leaves her with a need to find out who and where he is. While on vacation in Wyoming, she meets a man she's drawn to but not sure why and discovers more answers in petroglyphs near town.

Is it possible for souls to travel through time and reunite more than one hundred years later? Does the soul continually search until somehow, it finds the one true soul mate even through time? Anything is possible when one believes in soul reincarnation. A half-breed warrior has entered into Kate's dream in search of her as his soul mate and doesn't let her rest until she is reunited in time with her true lover from a past life. Kate and Taima endure personality clashes, jealousy and shape shifters before they understand what the Great Spirit has planned for them.


Time Travel Romance: Return of the Rose by Theresa Ragan

Our 2nd book club feature is RETURN OF THE ROSE by Theresa Ragan. If you love historicals and time travels, this book is for you!

Publisher: Theresa Ragan
ISBN:  978-1463610067

Twin sisters are born in Medieval England. One of the infants is dying and is taken to the Witch of Devonshire, who uses supernatural powers to transport the ailing babe to the future. It is the year 1986 when Cathy Hayes, a woman who has lost her child and husband in a car accident, finds the baby at her doorstep, gets her the medical attention she needs, and raises the baby as her own. Morgan grows up in the twentieth century with a mysterious attraction to a hollow suit of armor that stands in the window of her mother’s antique store.

Morgan is twenty-four years old when she becomes entangled within the armor’s metal plates and is whisked back in time where she is mistaken for Amanda Forrester, a twin sister she knows nothing about. In Amanda’s place, Morgan is forced to marry King Henry’s favored knight, Derek Vanguard, Lord of Braddock Hall. Abandoned by his mother and having failed as a child to gain his father’s love, Derek’s heart is as cold as the stone walls of his castle.

In the end, Morgan discovers the true power of love and for the first time in her life she knows where she belongs.


Romance Previews: Never Surrender by Deanna Jewel

Romance Previews starts today with our regular edition featuring NEVER SURRENDER by Deanna Jewel. Enjoy!