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The Romance Buzz: ONCE IN A BLUE MOON by Delilah Devlin

From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Delilah Devlin, comes a sexy new series set in the bayou and teeming with supernatural goodness. Meet the first of five sister-witches as she meets her one true love in Once Upon A Blue Moon...


by Delilah Devlin

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When testing an enemy for weaknesses, prepare for things to get hard.

Beaux Rêve Coven, Book 1

Bryn Cavanaugh and her coven like that the community they live in is isolated thanks to a storm that destroyed the bridge between them and the outside world. Now the state wants the bridge rebuilt. When the construction crew checks into the inn, Bryn begins to suspect something about the crew’s boss isn’t quite…human.

Bridges are Ethan Thorne’s thing—after all, he’s a troll—so building a simple span over a remote canal in backwater Louisiana shouldn’t be this much of a problem. When he follows the pretty little innkeeper to a midnight
rendezvous, he discovers why his crew keeps running into trouble. Bryn and her coven are casting spells in the moonlight.  

As a troll, Ethan feels the sting of his low place in demon hierarchy. But finding an unprotected coven of witches in the middle of the bayou could lead to all sorts of adventure. And it’s better to keep your enemies close...

Warning: Contains a handsome troll (Hey, it can happen!) who’s skilled at building sexual tension with his hands—and several other body parts, as well—and a witch who’s determined to protect her home, but forgets to shield her heart.

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