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Hello Everyone,

I am Melissa Martin, I readed my first historical romance novel in high school which was Tiger's Eye. I found it in a box of my mother's read it and have continued to read romance ever since. At 18 a became a mother to a wonderful boy and engaged to my middle school sweetheart. At 19, I became a single mother to the same little boy. Moved from Raleigh North Carolina to San Antonio, Texas in 2005. In 2007, I graudated college with a 4.0 in Medical Secretary and also meet the man of my dreams. Got Married in 2008 and explaned our little family by 2 dogs and an exotic snake (my husband's idea of a pet). Yes I did surprised my husband on his 50th b-day with it but its all his. I have lived in San Antonio fo 4 years now and still don't have many friends. I spend most of my time reading romance novels that my loving husband would like to see dropped off the next moving truck before he has to lift the large box of books and starting my own gifts and gadgets shop. After seeking for a romance book club in town, I found this wonderful site. I am looking forward to becoming quick friends with all of you. So far my favorite authors are Candace Camp, Stephine Laurns, Kathy Maxwell, Sophia Jordan, and Nicole Jordan and off the topic J.K Rowlings. I do enjoy all other aspecs of romance and I can't wait to set down with other great authors and start building a library that my husband would perfectly scream at. I look forward to conversations with all of you and have a wonderful day w good reading.
August 4, 2009 | Registered CommenterMelissa Martin