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Paranormal Romance Discussion > Wishing for a Parallel World

Plot Outline:
Wishing for a Parallel World - A fiction/Paranormal Romance with a pinch of mystery, thrill and enigma in it is a story of a world (life on earth) and a world beyond.. a parallel world.
Story starts with a voice of a girl named Meera who is admiring the beauty of Yosemite valley on a fine day of October when suddenly her eyes fall on a diary lying open on the grass. As she picks up that diary she reads the words written on the page..
"Wishing for a parallel World".
This comes to a big surprise to her because she was the one who belonged to a parallel world and wOutline of the story.
On one side these famous and well known Hollywood celebrities are living in the constant limelight of fame, rumors, life behind the silverscreen etc., leaving them struggling between reel and real life. On the other side these six best friends are living an extraordinary life, peacefully and happily away from this limelight in a Parallel World.
But destiny has decided something else for them. One accident brings these six friends in the middle of the rush of this earth and they confront these celebrities. From this point, a new journey of friendship, love and true relationships begins.
What is the reality of the parallel world?
What destiny has decided for them?
Will friends remain forever?
Will love find its way back to love?
ondered how anybody knew about her world and why this person was wishing for it.
Chapter 1 –
Lost Property…

I am – free, independent, lively, caring, curious, sensitive and cheerful girl. I like spending time in the lap of nature and above all,
I love to love.
This valley comes in my love list too. Whenever I want to stay alone for some time, away from the crowd, this is the only place I can think of. A place where I can talk to the nature, dance with it, lose myself in its serenity, where my every action leads to a reaction. When I laugh, it seems to be laughing along with me, when I cry, it seems to be consoling me, when I speak it, seems to understand and reply.
A calm and a quiet place, which is filled with green grass and flowers and beautiful butterflies hover around them all day long. There is a river that is surrounded by mountains and contains a crystal clear water where the slow waves make one of the mountains look like as if it is floating on it… where dew drops look like shining pearls that slowly run down the leaves and hide themselves in the sand as they fall on the ground and flowers dance with the breeze spreading their fragrance all over this big and beautiful valley.
This valley is called Yosemite Valley, which is carved out by the Merced River and is situated in the western Sierra Nevada Mountains of California State.
This place has always made me feel very connected to it. That’s why I bought one ‘home sweet home’ just at the five minutes walking distance from here. It is situated at the outskirts of this glamorous city, which is around 4-5 hours away and is the famous hometown of big celebrities, a glamour world as one can call it.
No doubt, both places are attractive in their own way.

It was month of October when I came to that Valley again. Fall had arrived.
I could see that place ablaze with colors of leaves and flowers splashed across the ground. It looked so beautiful but unlike other times, it gave me a different feeling all together. I couldn’t figure out what that feeling was. I took some fallen leaves in my hand and sat down at the river bank. I started placing those dried leaves on water one by one and watched them floating and making different patterns as they moved along with the flow.
While I was embracing the beauty of nature, my eyes suddenly caught a sight of something that was at a distance of a few meters. One diary was lying open on the grass next to a big stone that took away all my attention.
I thought, “Somebody must have forgotten it while pouring their world of thoughts into it”.
I got up and moved closer to see what was written in it. “I know it’s not right to read other’s personal diary but I am a curious person and I am very good at making excuses as well. If a person belonging to this diary catches me reading it, I am sure I can come up with something that will get me out of the trouble”, with this thought in mind, I looked around to see if anybody was nearby… it was just me. I leaned down to read what was written and I could say I was far more than just astounded when I read those words. It made me squint to see if what I read was right or not. For a while, I didn’t even blink.
Those words were:

“Wishing for a parallel world”

I took that diary in my hands.
“That’s it?” I thought.
Nothing else was written after that. I turned to previous pages to find out some more information. As I went through those pages, I saw some nice quotations, some pages had beautiful sketches and some were filled with the important moments and personal experiences of that person’s life.
By reading some of those lines, it came to my knowledge that the person was male because he had mentioned about his best friend’s bachelor party and how much fun their boy gang had. He was the best man. “Mark” was the name of his best friend. He had written something about his girlfriend too but I didn’t read much. I wanted to find this person. I searched for a name but couldn’t find any. I turned to its first page and saw an artistically designed letter “A”. It was a handmade design.
“Wow, quite creative this person is, maybe it’s his name’s initial”, I thought.
Then I closed the diary and looked around to search for someone who could be the owner of it, but only three to four people were there who were standing quite far away.
“May be it belongs to one of them”, I thought.
I waited for a while and then I kept that diary on the stone and sat away from that place near the tree to wait for that person.
Nobody came.
After around half an hour, I saw one man coming in my direction. He was tall, attractive and fair, had an athletic body and had headphones on. He was walking with a fast pace and I was getting more and more excited with his every step heading towards me.
But all of my curiosity of him being associated with that diary went down to zero level as he came near and passed by. We did share a smile and yes, he had a very attractive smile, but it didn't seem like he was looking for something.
That diary didn’t belong to him.

“May be he came for a jog or something. Why in the world he would come and jog here?” I said to myself.
I did not lose hope. I kept waiting over there because I knew if someone had forgotten his diary, he would definitely come searching for it. After a while, I saw that same person coming back who passed by few minutes ago. He was coming with the same pace with headphones on but I looked away…because of the two reasons. First, I knew he was not the person I was looking for and second, I didn’t want to give him any wrong impression.
I was looking at the other side and suddenly my heart jumped out of my body when I heard someone saying, “Hi, are you waiting for somebody?”
I turned my face towards that voice and saw that same jogger was standing beside me. He was more attractive than he looked from distance. He had a nice and clear voice and I was getting really good vibes from him.
I got up.
“Uh, no… I mean yeah I am” I couldn’t find any answer at his sudden attack of the question. I lost all my impulsiveness at that moment. “I am waiting for my friends actually”, I added.
“Oh great, nice place to hang out”, he said.
“Yeah right”, I said. “And what about you, do you often come here for a jog?” I asked him, continuing the conversation.
“Oh no no, I had a shoot here, then we packed up early but I wanted to stay for a while all alone so…” he paused for a moment and then said, “here I am”.
“Oh that’s why I was wondering…” as soon as I said that, he gave me a questioning look. I decided not to say anything further and changed the topic.
“Well, Never Mind…So you are an actor from that glamorous city out there hmm… cool”, I said.
He thought something for a moment. I had no idea what was going on in his mind.
He said with a gentle smile on his face, “Yeah... just a small actor”.
“Oh, no wonder why you want to be alone here. It must be hard not to have a privacy and peaceful moments of your own” I taunted him.
“Yeah sometimes it’s frustrating…It looks like you are not fascinated by that so called ‘glamorous city’”, he said.
“Oh yeah right, I don’t really get along with the glamour and fashion” I said.
“You don’t need to” he said.
I smiled at his reply.
“What do you mean?” I asked him.
“Nothing…” he smiled, and said bringing his hand forward, “By the way, I am Tedd Bueno”
“I am Meera Aronis”, I replied and shook hands with him.
“Nice to meet you Meera”, he said.
“Same here… Tedd”, I replied.
“Anyway, I am getting late. I should head back to my peace less place, ‘glamorous city’ as you called it”. He smirked while quoting “Glamorous city”. It felt like he was making fun of me so I gave him a look as if I didn’t understand what he said.
He shook his head smiling and looked away keeping his smile intact on his lips. His eyes fell on that diary.
“Is that your diary lying over there?” he asked
“Oh that... Hmm if it’s not yours then maybe it’s mine”, I laughed and replied with a shrug.
He laughed too, but I think, at my stupid answer.
“Ok, So… Goodbye, hope to see you soon”, he said.
“Yeah ok, Goodbye”, I said.

That little conversation felt very weird but in a nice way ‘weird’. I couldn’t take my eyes off him and watched him leaving until he disappeared from my eyes.
My mind was going over and over about the talk we had but after a while, I came out of those thoughts and found my mind taking me back towards those words written in the diary.
I was back at the same high level of curiosity. Those five words completely occupied my mind again and I forgot about that little encounter I had with the stranger ‘Tedd’. Deep Inside I was becoming more and more curious because I eagerly wanted to meet that person.
I wanted to get the answers of the series of questions that started rising in my mind.
¬¬¬Whose lost property is this?
What made him write those words?
What did he mean by “Wishing for a parallel world”?
What does he know about the parallel world?

My World.

February 23, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterArriah Kiprujistho