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Romantic Suspense Discussion > Can't remember title or author


Been struggling to find this book that I know I have read in the past.

I'm pretty sure it's the first in a series. About a team of Ex spec forces that belong to a security team. Two members are brothers with the older brother running the group. The book is about the younger brother. There is a D/S element in there as well.

Brother infiltrates a company which is laundering money for an Eco terrorist who is on the run from FBI.

Company assistant is a bit older with boys in college. Fall in love etc book climax is a shoot out on a roof after a function. Between terrorist and the two brothers. Girl falls over the roof but is saved by older brother.

All a bit disjointed I know but hope some will understand and know the book. Driving me a bit nuts not being able to remember. :)

October 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterReBock