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Time Travel Romance > Help Please! I can't remeber!

I read this but once and i loved it but i checked it out from the library so i had to return it and now i can't remeber what it was called and i really want to reread it! Ok so from what i can remeber there was a woman who either crashed her car into a lake or fell in i think it was the car though. Then when she gets out of the water she's in a different time( in scotland i think) and she meets a man(of course) and they fall in love. but the man is warrior or somthing and he has some bloodlust/rage issues and he loose it during a battle and the lake reclaims the woman bringing her back to her time. but when she gets back a few days later she meets up with the guy who pulled her from the lake ( when she got back) and finds that it's the man from before and that he is aparently immortal or something. And i remeber he also had a little brother to and when the girl see's him again( in her time0 she doesn't recongnize him at first.

I now it's kind of a crappy summary or whatever but it was a super good book but i can't for the life of me remeber the title! Help? Anyone?

July 31, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterT.E.D